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Tamil Teething Ceremony (Pallu Kollukattai)

In Tamil culture, a teething ceremony (Pallukollukattai) is performed when a child’s tooth first erupts. A tray filled with different items - books, money, toys and kollukattai (a cake made with rice flour, filled with a sweet coconut and jaggery and cut coconut pieces on the outside to resemble teeth) are dropped over the child. It is said that their life will be filled with what the child picks up first (books=knowledge, money="wealth," pallukollukattai="sweetness," etc.).

Kollukattai is then served to all the guests. This ceremony is performed by the maternal uncle of the child (mom’s brother).

Our Animals soft cloth book is a perfect book to use for this ceremony as it is a soft cloth book, and gentle when dropped over your child.

Have you done this ceremony before? If so, do you remember what you picked?

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