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Tamil children can be superheroes too. In this story, an adventurous superhero sister brother duo tries to save a magic crystal from a fierce dragon. Will they be able to save the magic crystal? Read to find out.  

Tamil Storytime was created so that Tamil children could find beautifully illustrated picture books with strong storylines and see characters that are strong, brave and of Tamil heritage. 

Why do you need this picture book in your storybook collection?

  • ​Research shows media representation, including children’s literature, helps develop positive identity building, helps children feel more confident about themselves and take pride in their identity.
  • ​Children should feel represented in the stories they read.
  • Creating stories with diverse characters as protagonists allows others to build a better understanding of people they may not know much about.
  • ​​This book is a dual-language book, in both Tamil and English; this helps build print awareness in both languages.
  • ISBN 9781777340704 The Magic Crystal and the Superheroes

மாயக்கல்லும் அதிவீரர்களும் - The Magic Crystal And The Superheroes - 1 Book


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