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Tamil Language Learning Worksheets Bundle 

Tamil language learning can be fun. I've created a series of FREE worksheets for children to help introduce them to Tamil letters.

Included in this free worksheet bundle: 

1) Tamil Letter Recognition set of worksheets

2) Tamil Letters Colouring set of worksheets

3) Maze worksheet.


All you have to do is submit your email, I'll send you the files, then download them and print them out! 

Tamil Letter Recognition

  • Identifying letters and matching them to sounds helps develop the skills children need to read. 

  • Understanding that letters form words, and words have meaning are pre-reading skills. 

  • Children learn through play. Making learning fun helps encourage Tamil language learning. 

Tamil Uyir Ezhuthukkal Colouring Sheets 

  • Colouring is a fun activity to help children learn and recognize Tamil letters. 

  • ​Simple, big and bold sheets perfect for young children. 

  • ​Children learn through play. Making learning fun helps encourage Tamil language learning. 

Tamil Alphabet Maze - Uyir Ezhuthukkal

  • Mazes are fun for children. They involve logic and problem solving.

  • By incorporating letters to solve the maze, you can help reinforce the order of letters. 

  • This is a simple and fun maze for children to help learn the order of Tamil Uyir Ezhuthukkal.  

Pongal Colouring Sheet 

  • Pongal is an ancient Tamil festival where thanks are given to the Sun, grains, cattle and nature. A special dish of Sakkarai Pongal is made to celebrate. Pongal is cooked until it boils over the pot, to symbolize a bountiful year ahead. 

  • Have fun celebrating Pongal with this Pongal Colouring sheet. 

TamilStorytime Maze.png

Making Tamil Language Learning Fun! 

Sensory Rock Matching
Sensory Rock Matching
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Animal Letter Fun
Animal Letter Fun
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Lego Letters!
Lego Letters!
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Tamil Letter Recognition
Tamil Letter Recognition
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